In 2014, with the announcement of the Jerome Avenue Rezoning, CASA began to organize several buildings in which landlords had applied for MCI’s. By 2016 CASA had organized 11 buildings undergoing MCI applications, representing 908 families experiencing more than $10 million in rent increases, at an average $31 per room, per MCI approved. Those tenants experienced the impacts of MCI increases firsthand came together in 2016 to form a tenant coalition to fight the effects on the rent increases on their community.



In 2017 the MCI Tenant Coalition expanded and was joined by tenants fighting MCI’s with the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition to form the No More MCI’s Campaign. Together with support from legal service providers, campaign members developed a list of 16 recommendations for how DHCR could administer MCI’s to make the opposition process more accessible to tenants, and campaign members, and met with officials from DHCR, including commissioner RuthAnne Visnauskas, once in 2017 and again in 2018 to discuss administrative recommendations, and form a working group of campaign members and DHCR officials to develop a new FAQ sheet and revised initial notice of landlord’s application for an MCI.



In 2018, community organizations in Manhattan and Brooklyn join the Bronx-based members to form the No More MCI’s Coalition to continue meeting and putting pressure on DHCR to meet administrative demands, and building the tenant movement in New York City for no more MCI’s!


“Mojave shows how local changes make a global impact.”

NGO News Publication  |  April 2016